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If you didn’t know already, Virgil Abloh and Off White have teamed up with IKEA to create a line of products aimed at the millennials.

There have been a number of rumours, leaks and sneak peaks all over the internet since this collaboration was announced last year. What would fashion icon/ pioneer Virgil Abloh have up his sleeve for this one?

As you can see from the image above Virgil is showing off his interpretation on the FRAKTA bag, more commonly a blue colour with the word IKEA on the handles. Although the only photos of this have been at the prototype shop in Älmhult, we are confident that this will be one of the items that is released. One of the main reasons I think that Off White will be keen to release this is because Baleciaga have recently released their own version of the FRAKTA. IKEA themselves also posted a picture of Virgil in the prototype shop with his FRAKTA design.

We are also confident that we will see some rugs from this collaboration. We have seen three different photos of rugs, one being the black patterned rug that says “KEEP OFF” a classic contradiction piece that Vigril is famous for. We have also seen a red rug with the word “BLUE” however our favourite one se far is the blue rug that says “WET PAINT” shown off by Virgil on his instagram last month.

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technically not there.

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In a recent twitter interview we got some insights into what else may be coming that we haven’t see any pictures of yet. These include paintings, photos, and frames, a table, chair and bed. Abloh said “We’re here trying to make a full kit about special small items all the way to things that you sleep on and things that you eat at,”. During this interview we also found out that all of the items are going to be priced affordably, one of the main attractions of IKEA.

What would you like to see from this collaboration? do you think we could end up seeing custom  furniture like beds, tables and chairs or do you think it will be just a few rugs and a bag? Let us know in the comments below what you think we will see.

Be sure to follow Virgil abloh, Off White and IKEA on twitter to catch any sneak peaks of what is to come with this collaboration.

Featured image credit: straatosphere



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