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Why should you start thrift shopping and wearing vintage and second hand clothing?

Thrift Shopping or “thrifting” is becoming more and more popular as more people jump on the vintage clothing hype train. You may ask “why do people want to wear second hand clothes”, is it price, is it exclusivity, is it the brands themselves? In this article we aim to explore some of the reasons vintage clothing is becoming more popular.

Recently, I started following more vintage clothing sellers and influencers on Instagram and really started to dig into the culture of Vintage clothing and reselling. Following the reselling and vintage wholesale accounts on Instagram, it is easy to see why people fall in love with vintage clothing, and why it is becoming such a big market. When you can get a Tommy Hilfiger jumper for £20, it’s a no brainer. Some of the influencers within the market like Sean Wotherspoon, who recently did a collaboration with Nike for air max day, have been huge in promoting the reselling and vintage clothing market.

Photo Credit: Yelp

The world renowned Round Two shop (pictured above) in America accept trade-ins from customers in the shop for either cash or store credit. I have spoken to people and have watched numerous videos on YouTube of people who go and spend $100 at a thrift store, and turn it into $300 by trading stuff in at Round Two, or reselling on their own platforms. Some of the items I have seen people trade in vary from retro beat up Air Jordans to Limited edition Tour T-shirts for artists and bands. But why do people want second hand?

Well I believe the main reason behind the second hand and vintage market is Exclusivity. Whether it be a brand new supreme box logo t shirt from the 90s that is un-opened to a YSL quarter zip fleece, these pieces are rare and hard to find so people naturally want them more. It is also the case for the lower end clothing items like Nike and Adidas. You can still find some really cool and unique pieces that no-one else will be wearing from brands like Nike, Adidas and Patagonia. The fact you could be the only one in your town or city that is wearing that item of clothing, or has that item of clothing is a definite attraction for vintage clothing enthusiasts.

Photo credit: Depop

Another big player in the market is price. For a lot of young kids they can’t afford a new Gucci T shirt or the latest Air Jordan shoes, so they go thrifting or buy second hand. I have seen people pick up Air Jordans for $18 and vintage Givenchy for £15. Why would you go and buy a new Givenchy hoodie for £500 when you can pick up a 90s Givenchy sportswear quarter zip fleece for £15? It makes sense.

Accessibility is another thing that is becoming better with the vintage clothing market, with apps such as Depop, Vinted and even eBay. Anyone can now set up a PayPal account and download the Depop app, upload some pictures of their clothes and sell them instantly. This goes for purchasing as well, you can simply log in and start buying. There are a lot of great sellers on Depop, one of our favourites is Bax and Thistle, who sell second hand high end fashion as well as designer vintage clothing.


So to round up, Exclusivity, Price and Accessibility are all key factors for the vintage fashion industry, as well as social influencers helping the wave. If you are in America then you need to visit one of the Round Two stores, if you have ever visited round two, we would love to hear from you. For those of us in the UK we have to just keep thrifting and shopping at vintage clothing stores and online for the time being. Are you into vintage clothing? if so what are your favourite brands to buy.

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