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Self made and internationally established designer and store owner Sean Wotherspoon has not only created history with the first hybrid air max 1/97 complete with Corduroy finish (see previous), but has also managed to form what seems an ever lasting relationship with Guess Jeans, an iconic brand who have previously collaborated with the likes of A$AP Rocky.

Sean has previously worked with Guess Jeans releasing the unique and popular striped Guess U.S.A tees which recently featured at Complex Con. Sean has a massive social following and bases his own style on the vintage trend from his childhood growing up in Virginia, US. The fact that he is co owner of Round Two, the leading vintage/reselling store in the United States, shows us that he knows what is hot and what is not when it comes to vintage apparel.

With this particular collaboration Guess and Sean have focused on a theme called “Farmer’s Market” where bold and bright colours lead the way to creating interesting contrasted pieces that can be worn all year round. The collection includes numerous t-shirts, accessories, hoodies, jackets and shirts. Sean and his family are committed vegans and have a strong opinion on the welfareย and treatment of animals. This may have contributed to the theme of “Farmers Market” and the bold colouring linked to the bright colours of fruit.

You can see a number of items below on Guess Jeans U.S.A Instagram which are due to release on May 5th. You can visit Guess websiteย to try and get your hands on the collection.

Photo Credits: Highsnobiety and The Hundreds


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