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Founder of Round Two and self confessed “sneaker head” Sean Wotherspoon, has teamed up with Nike after winning the 2017 vote forward competition. The design is inspired by Sean’s favourite sneakers: the Air Max 1 and the Air Max 97 but also his love for vintage clothing. This collaboration is even more exclusive as it drops on 24th March 2018 as part of  the Air Max Day Celebrations. Features:

  • Corduroy upper
  • Air Max 1 sole
  • corduroy pull tabs
  • interchangeable tongue patches

Being an avid watcher of The Show by Round Two on YouTube, we have been teased with these sneakers by Sean as he wears them in nearly every video, and we don’t blame him. Sean is one of the founders of Round Two who are arguable the biggest Vintage and second hand reselling company in the USA if not the World. Sean has been reselling these shoes in the store for a price of $500, a price him and his team say is fair, and under the maximum resell value they could probably get. In a recent video, Round Two Hollywood put a pair of these on the shelf for sale and within in seconds someone had picked them up tried them on and bought them for $500. One of the most exciting features of this shoe is the corduroy upper that is made from an array of colours starting with a mustard yellow followed by grey, pink, blue and dark green to finish. One of the other main attractions is the fusion of two of the most iconic Air Max shoes ever, the Air max 1 and Air max 97. We have never seen a company merge two shoes together like this before and it actually look better than the originals themselves. These shoes are set to retail at £125.00 in the UK and we expect the resell to be anywhere from £300-£400. Is this a shoe that you want to get your hands on? If so, what is it about this shoe that makes it so attractive for you? Is it the combination of two iconic shoes, the colours or just the exclusivity? Nike are also going to be releasing a T-shirt featuring a bubble type logo and corduroy hat with colours to match the shoes.   If you want to get your hand on these shoes check out the below links;

You can also download the nike sneakers app and get these on release day.

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