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Walking through a suit of operating theatres accompanied by human heads and dragons, Gucci’s Fall show got weird…..

Identities distorted and constructed in unique ways, some with an added monobrow and some with a face mask, complete with nipple tassels and a snake. Others deciding to hold replicas of their own heads (because handbags were so last season). The collection felt totally random but extremely intriguing. Some of the models donned formal suits with NY plastered across them, juxtaposing others in floor length velvet coats embellished with jewels. Individuality and self-expression is prominent within this show, every single look with a story of its own allowing the viewers interpretation to go wild.

Staging and pet dragons aside, the classic Gucci monogram print was incorporated into a handful of these looks with the green and red stripe subtlety lining hemlines.

“We are the Dr.Frankensteins of our lives” said Alessandro Michele, hence why the show was that typical of an operating room and the environment around it. “The concept reflects the work of a designer – the act of cutting, splicing and reconstructing materials and fabrics to create a new personality around them” Gucci wrote on their Instagram.



But if you were at a show where at first glance the model (with a third eye) was wearing a sheer dress and then up close realising it was a body bag reading ‘please make sure my bodybag is Gucci’!! Would you cop?

Yet again, Gucci is pushing boundaries and creating conversation in the industry, blurring conventional fashion and presenting the complete unexpected.

What on earth could be next?

Written by Molly Hunter

 Photo creds –, teen vogue, harpers bazar, gucci instagram

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