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Sam Gumbley, otherwise best known as S-X is a producer and musician, born and raised in Wolverhampton, UK, who has helped drive UK’s urban movement whilst producing tracks and material for superstars such as Lil Wayne, Childish Gambino and Iggy Azalea. S-X is now producing and singing on his own hits, reaching over 200,000 plus listeners per month on Spotify

In an interview back in 2014, with Complex, S-X explained how he got into Music and how it all began; “Well, I got into making music around the year 2000… I was definitely in high-school, Year 7. Someone gave me Fruity Loops and I started making beats on it”. He later said “My brother listened to a lot of old school southern hip-hop, like UGK and the Three 6 Mafia, and then I got into drums and stuff, so I listened to a lot of rock music too.”


S-X made his break when he produced a track at the age of 17 called “Wooo Riddim” as a hip-hop instrumental which was later blessed with the vocals of iconic UK grime artist, D Double E.

His early career began when, at the age of 15, he sent constant material to the interns at Young Money’s Label which in turn landed him a role as producer for their song “We Alright”. Sam discussed that, “With Cash Money, I’m working with all of them, they’re family now. But, what I really want to do is find people who haven’t yet blown up, people who are under the radar. I want to break people, rather than just working with all the big people”.

With all this in mind, Sam remains grounded, still living in Wolverhampton, UK, he is producing track after track whilst also incorporating his own vocals to his work to create a smooth yet transitional genre of music that is iconic to his work. SHOW ME LOVE, one of his earlier tracks, gave fans an idea of what was to come from the young artist, have a listen below…

S-X most successful song, PLANS, has blown up throughout the UK club scene and is a must listen if you haven’t already. The track incorporates interesting and modern lyrics accompanied with an incredibly mellow and distinctive vocal which in turn works perfectly side by side with his unique style of mixing rhythm and beats to creating a trap sound. The track alone has managed to hit 1.1 Million streams on Spotify and was our favourite and certainly most listened to track of 2017. If you haven’t played this full blast on your speakers at home or in your car then you are missing out!!

Here at Treads and Threads we are a massive fan of S-X’ new work and on many occasions have frantically waited for his release dates to arrive. More recently his track THINK ITS ME, accompanied with the video below (filmed by friend and youtube creator Phelan Mccormack), has proved to be another reason to why we think S-X is the next best thing for UK music.

Another suggestion to S-X’ recent climb to stardom is that he is very close friends with YouTube sensations TGF Bro who currently have over 3.5 Million Subscribers and often feature his new tracks over their videos.

And in case you were wondering S-X has just began touring the UK to perform his tracks live. You can buy tickets to his future shows and official merchandise on WASTE TIME is the newest track S-X has released, which is a taster for what is to come on the new album REASONS which will be releasing Friday 30th March 2018 and will be available to stream on Spotify (link).

We hope to say we told you so…

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Photo credits: Ticketmaster blog

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