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Having copped some of the most exclusive items of 2018 so far, one of my friends was asking how I did it. I simply explained that a lot of it is luck. This had me thinking, if he didn’t know how he could get the latest sneakers at retail price then surely there are a few other people that may be interested to know.

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Instead of paying resell for the latest supreme drop or the latest Yeezys, there are a few things you can do to get your hands on them for retail price. Paying £160 for a pair of Yeezys is something you can only do when they go live on release day, or if  you are buying a second hand pair that have been worn to death.

Firstly the easiest way to enter these exclusive drops to get your hands on a pair for retail value without doing any work is to simply enter a draw online. There are a number of companies that do these namely End Clothing- Latest Sneakers at END., footlocker, as well as apps such as Nike Sneakers and Size?Previews . All you have to do is simply log into your account with these websites, select the product you want to buy, enter your size and payment info then press enter draw. Like I said this is probably the easiest way to do it and the way you won’t have to put in the work, however you are not always guaranteed to win, its a raffle at the end of the day. There are a few statistics I found online that states the odds can be as much as 900/1 to win a pair of Yeezys in a raffle.

The next option is similar to the previous however you are simply pre ordering the right to purchase the shoes in store. So for example Adidas and Nike both have apps (Nike Sneakers and adidas confirmed) where you can log in and sign up to purchase in store. You probably only want to do this if you either live in London or are able to travel that day to buy the shoes, otherwise stick to the raffles above.

Your Next option is to pick something you like that say drops at 11am on Saturday and make sure you are by your laptop, phone and tablet with them all ready to purchase. Generally you don’t get past the loading screens due to high volumes of traffic or if you do when you get to your basket they are more than likely sold out. One Thing I have found is that trying to get Yeezys this way is an impossible task unless you have yourself and a group of friends all trying to cop for you. another thing you can do to increase your chances is to buy a bot. I haven’t done this yet, but know loads of people that have and they all say it works. The bot is basically an automatic purchasing tool for you, you put all your details in, address and bank details then the bot does the rest of the work for you ( not really sure what this work is). I would highly recommend doing a lot of research into bots before purchasing one to use as you do not want to get scammed. Look for a social media influencer that is promoting a bot or who has used a bot and ask them for recommendations.

If you are wanting top cop supreme on a Thursday then the above option is the best. The supreme online shop generally has no issues with loading screens or check out, you just have to be quick. If you are going for one item only and are on your laptop at 11am sharp you will most likely get that item. I would recommend picking one Item that you really like and then getting this within the first minute then going back through the rest of the products to try and get any thing that is left. The only advice I would give you with Supreme is that your deliver address MUST be the same as the address the card is registered to. I have heard stories of people who have filled their basket and gone through the check out only to say that the purchase has failed. One person I spoke to even said that Supreme took the money from their account and they didn’t get it back for two weeks. The best way to confirm you have copped supreme is by receiving a confirmation email the same day, if you don’t get this then you have probably been unsuccessful.

Lastly, and something that is dying out more and more due to the high demand is, camping outside your favorite store to get in line early ready to cop the newest and most exclusive products released. with companies such as Nike, Adidas and Supreme all moving towards reserving product to buy in store or being given an exact time slot for entering the store, it seems pointless for people to be camping over night to get to the front of the cue. There is still hope though, for all our american readers, Round Two still have people who cue out side and work off a first come first served basis.

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