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With the hype beast movement in full swing we are seeing more and more accounts promoting the hype beast lifestyle. This article is all about the top 5 hype beast instagram accounts you need to be following.

These accounts are not necessarily the ones with the most followers, but the ones that in our opinion, live up to the hype beast lifestyle. These are in no particular order either and would be hard for us to narrow the list down to one favourite.

  1. Ari Petrou (UK’s biggest hype beast)– Ari has killed instagram over the last year gaining hundreds of thousands of followers as well as growing his youtube channel. Currently Ari sits at 265k Instagram followers and 87,421 YouTube subscribers. Ari has risen to hype beast stardom through posting regular pics of the most hyped items from the exclusive supreme drops as well as posing in brands such as Off- White, Louis Vuitton, Palace, Gucci and many more.

2. The Starr life (Jacob)- I have recently discovered this YouTube channel which then led me to the Instagram account, thestarrlife, again where we see Jacob posing in all the latest hyped clothing items. In a recent video Jacob did state that he doesn’t always like the clothes he wears but wears them to get good photos, which he does. If you are looking to follow an account that will post all the latest hyped clothing launches then this is one to follow. Currently Jacob has 178k followers on Instagram and 218,886 YouTube subscribers.

3. Blazendary- This is another account I found through watching YoTube videos first, then discovering the Instagram account shortly after. This account is all about the streetwear and the hype beast way of life. One of the coolest items Blazendary owns is the Nike Mags, arguably the coolest shoe of all time. Currently Blazendary has over 1 million YouTube subscribers and 333k Instagram followers.

4. Blake Linder- This 16 year old  lives and breaths the hype beast and street style fashion and lifestyle. Blake has had a lot of heat off people calling him a spoilt rich kid who has just been bought all the clothes he owns. I personally don’t think this is the case, with his own line of merch, a successful YouTube channel and huge Instagram following, its not hard to see how he can afford to live this lavish lifestyle. Currently Blake has 331k Instagram followers and 445,728 YouTube Subscribers.

5. Icycof (the unknown vlogs)- Icy is well known for his popular youtube series “how much is your outfit” but also has a killer instagram account, and deserves more followers than he has currently. Icy posts different style photos to the others in this list because he doesn’t post pics in the latest dropped most hyped clothes. Icy mainly focuses on high end hype beast fashion such as YSL, Off- White and Louis Vuitton. Currently Icy has 77.6k Instagram followers and has 301,589 YouTube subscribers.   Be sure to check out all these accounts if you haven’t already, also let us know who you would have included in this list and what your favourite accounts are. Also visit follow us on instagram as well…. @treadsandthreadsonline 

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